How to remove full stops from the end of every source segment using SDLXLIFF Toolkit

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know the regex codes for searching for all the (trailing) full stops at the end of each source segment in Trados and replacing them with nothing (i.e. removing them)?

I've imported an sdlxliff file that was exported from another CAT tool, and for some reason a full stop has been added to every single source segment.

The segments that had no full stops now have one, and the segments that already had one or more full stops at the end now just have one more.

As you'd imagine, I'd prefer not having to manually edit every one of the almost 2000 source segments, if at all possible...

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  • Any chance I might have removed the full stops in the incorrect sdlxliff?

    Should I have searched and replaced in the target sdlxliff file?

    Anyways, I did it for both source and target sdlxliff file, and then copied the target one, rename it slightly, and pulled it into the project as a source file and voila, no more additional full stops.

    On the contrary, I just opened up and checked the other project file (which is an sdlxliff file), i.e. the original file I performed the search&replace operation on while working on it live, and now that file also has the full stops removed (contrary to earlier on, when I was flipping in and out of my live project and other ones, so as to refresh the content of the original file I had been working on, but then the full stops were still showing all the time).

    That's a bit weird, so I don't know if it has something to do with the Toolkit app or Trados, but the changes definitely weren't showing for a significant amount of time, which is why I thought of copying and renaming the target sdlxliff project file and adding it as a new source/project file.

    Any thoughts on the above,  ?