Excluding any text that isn't English from the source section in a bilingual XML

I have a bilingual XML file, is there a way of automatically excluding any text that isn't English from the source section when processing the file in Trados? It's currently a mix of Arabic and English in the source, and I only want to translate the English into Arabic. I could go through the file manually and lock all of the Arabic sections, but this is a really large file so would take too long, is there a way of doing this automatically/creating a setting that excludes the Arabic in the first place? Thank you!

I have SDL Trados Studio 2021 -

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    Hi Paul, thanks for sending that over. I've checked the settings on our side, and have asked the client to check that the file with the settings applied only contained the text that they needed for Arabic, and they've confirmed that it does - so thank you! Using these settings we've been able to copy them for the other languages that we needed to, so they're really helpful.

    I've noticed something about the settings however, the tags within the project disappear when the settings are applied. If I create a project without the settings, the tags are present, however when they're applied then the tags disappear. Do you know why this might be the case? 

    Thanks Paul!