Error when creating a new project "file can not be found"


One on my prjoect managers has an error from time to time.

This was already the case with the previous version of Trados, and kept going once he updated to Trados 2022

When she creates a new project, she adds a source doc into the project, adds a path to the TAO foder in her project, adds the TM, Tb but when she starts the project she receives an error stating that the source file in her TAO folder can not be found even though it exists. Then Studio crashes

Sometimes she does not have this issue and sometimes she can not work for 15 minutes as the bug keeps on coming back.

We tried to set a diferent path in another folder but is does not change the error.

Can you help ? 

Thank you !Screenshot of Trados Studio error message. A file path is highlighted showing a missing source document 'Code de conduite SEBIA.docx' in the TAO folder, with an error dialog box stating the file is not found.

Generated Image Alt-Text
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