Discrepancies in TM Handling from Studio 2017 to Studio 2022 - Need Assistance

We have a bit of an issue with our TMs from Studio 2017 not being perfectly reflected in Studio 2022. Specifically, this occurs when there are numbers separated by hyphens or numbers followed by symbols or degrees, etc. This results in a reduction of matches in the logs. Moreover, when the TM output is applied to the segment, if the TM contains something like '1-4', it is actually displayed appears as '14' in the segment. Imagine this applied to matches like "alkyl C1-4" and similar cases.

Do you have any idea if special operations need to be performed so that the TM is used correctly? For example, in a chemical formula, the hyphen seems to be encoded as a different symbol, and it is replaced. Therefore, in texts with more numbers (such as chemical texts), the fuzzy match scores become significantly lower, and all the hyphens need to be added manually.

Thank you in advance for any help with this!

Best regards,

Sabrina Eskelson