Letters count /characters count in BYTE count in Studio 2022

Dear all,

I am on Studio 2022, we see letter counts of the translating strings, at the right bottom corner of the panel (and most probably other earlier version as well), with the abbreviation of "Chars: XX"

I am Translating EN -> JP, where the target language is the Double-byte characters,

E,g, は , this alphabet in my language looks like 1 character visually and counted as 1 character accordingly on Studio 2022, but it actually consumes 2 bytes, equivalent to 2 Latin alphabets (= Double byte, or we say Double/Full Width)

When translating the subtitle file, it is rather important sometimes how many BYTEs consumed per strings, to know this, I need to export the translation and use MS Excel to count with LENB function (note that this is LENB, not LEN)

I wonder if I could switch the counting formula on Studio 2022, currently it counts letter counts only (equivalent to LEN in Excel) but I want to make it BYTE counts (equivalent to LENB in excel).

I think this function if possible, is helpfull to any of the any non-Latin language users including e.g. CHN, TWN, THA, LAO, BRM, KHM, etc... I searched the community and plug-ins but could not reach to the solution, if any good idea, please advise,

Further, if there would be any plug-ins to warn the translated-strings whose letter count is over/longer than any specified letter limits, that would also be greatly a help. Please advise if any,


Screenshot of Trados Studio 2022 showing a translation panel with a string containing both double-byte and single-byte characters. The character count at the bottom right displays 'Chars: 9'.

Generated Image Alt-Text
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