RWS Managed Translation: Product Update

We have recently deployed a new update for RWS Managed Translation which allows users to specify into which target languages they want to translate individual source files.

When creating a new project, a user has the option to switch to an "Advanced View" from the Project Files area. When selected, a user can click against the language(s) for each source file and specify into which language(s) each individual file should be translated. When specifying the language(s), a user can choose from all of the target languages included for that project.

For projects containing a large number of target languages, it is possible to expand the Project Files area to increase the amount of space available. 

The same functionality is also available from the Project Details view when uploading additional source files to an existing project.

Note that target language selection is only applicable for translatable files. Any reference files included with a project are automatically available for all target languages in a project.