SDL Managed Translation 20.4: Release to Production

The 20.4 update for SDL Managed Translation was deployed in Production at 7am BST on Wednesday, 15th April 2020.
In this latest release, we introduce two new features that will significantly impact on the way users work in the platform.

We have included a number of additional capabilities in how users can interact with Project Groups in SDL Managed Translation. During project creation, a project can be added to a new or existing Project Group. Similarly, users can also manage Project Groups for existing projects, and benefit from new filtering capabilities based on Project Groups.

In addition, we now allow users to perform specific actions against a batch of projects, instead of having to perform the same action for each individual project. This feature can be used in combination with Project Groups where, for example, a user wants to approve all projects belonging to the same Project Group in a single operation.

Please be aware the new Project Groups functionality is not enabled automatically for users as part of this update. Customers interested in this feature should get in touch with their regular contact person at SDL The ability to perform actions against a batch of projects is available for all users upon deployment of this update.

Watch out for a video that will be published to the Community in the coming days that provides a walk-through of the Project Groups and Batch Actions features included in this product update.

Ian Parnell
Product Manager, SDL Managed Translation