SDL TMS 12.5 | Cumulative Update 10

We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fix:

CRQ‑20814 Terms are now correctly highlighted in segments when longer terms appear after shorter terms
CRQ‑21787 Uploading multiple SDLXLIFF files when creating a job does not send the tasks to recovery
CRQ‑21907 Languages that don't support Studio Style Analysis now fall back to normal analysis
CRQ‑21933 Customizations that create lots of tasks no longer cause database deadlocks
CRQ‑21965 Terminology QA Check now fails to the correct stage of the workflow and the tasks are not terminated

SDL-hosted customers should contact SDL Support to arrange for this update to be deployed.

Customers who host SDL TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS 12.5.30399.10 - Cumulative Update 10 for SDL TMS.exe from the following FTP site: TMS/12.5.10