TMS 12.5 | Cumulative Update 22

We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fixes:

CRQ‑23666 Reports that take a long time to generate no longer generate error messages
CRQ‑24633 Pre-processing race conditions have been mitigated to prevent AlreadyExistsException errors
CRQ‑25267 Terminology that resembles XML entities no longer causes the translation interface to fail
CRQ‑25659 The repetition word count is now calculated consistently
CRQ‑25855 Reference files are classified as job-specific when using SJP

RWS-hosted customers should contact RWS Support to arrange for this update to be deployed.

Customers who host TMS themselves should download the installer for SDLTMS 12.5.31473.22 - Cumulative Update 22 for SDL TMS.exe from the following FTP site: TMS/12.5.22