TMS 12.6 | Cumulative Update 12

We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fixes:

CRQ‑5267 It is now possible to upload multiple files for import on the TM Edit page
CRQ‑12421 TMS accounts now all require an email address
CRQ‑14743 Linguistic analysis now excludes terminated tasks
CRQ‑16750 The PO filter will accept custom filter settings
CRQ‑22089 Concordance search now highlights the whole word in all cases
CRQ‑28583 Duplicate results for terminology no longer show
CRQ‑29088 Fuzzy matches are calculated correctly in pre-processing in all cases
CRQ‑29178 Pagination on the TM list page has been restored
CRQ‑29284 CONVERT_TASK now allows a filename change
CRQ‑29287 Pagination on the code banding page has been restored
CRQ‑29290 The QA Check Override tab only returns data for the currently scoped tasks
CRQ‑29295 The UI shows the server time in the local time zone
CRQ‑29298 Searching using the "Go To" field for archived jobs no longer throws an error
CRQ‑29316 Trados Studio-style Analysis Statistics is now the default option for new configurations
CRQ‑29346 Project TMs are once again available for new jobs
CRQ‑29347 The task history no longer shows infinite repeated events
CRQ‑29355 The "Working TM" button on the TM Edit page now functions as expected
CRQ‑29443 Custom reports that return null values can now be successfully run
CRQ‑29453 The TMS API page that uses a vulnerable version of Angular.js can be turned off

Customers can contact RWS Support to either arrange deployment of the update or to get access to the installer.