TMS 12.6 | Cumulative Update 6

We are pleased to announce the availability of this cumulative update that contains all fixes from previous releases and the following additional fixes:

CRQ‑9748 Notification emails are no longer sent incorrectly for Recovery and Exception issues.
CRQ‑17697 Saving an inbox view with a name containing an apostrophe no longer causes the inbox to display blank.
CRQ‑26308 TMS users with an apostrophe in their name now see a correct list of jobs in the My Jobs sections.
CRQ‑27336 Adding a new language pair to a configuration no longer resets the encoding for other language pairs to default.
CRQ‑27393 Personalizing a table with a sort column no longer causes the page to fail if the sort column is no longer available.
CRQ‑27494 Clicking a direct link to a job correctly sends the user to the job page after logging in.
CRQ‑27512 The Project TM correctly generates for all SDLXLIFF tasks.
CRQ‑27646 Assigning steps on the project page does not generate a bad request error.
CRQ‑27647 Versions of the CTA libraries compiled for .NetStandard2.0 are now available.
CRQ‑27653 Compatibility issues with SQL Server 2019 have been resolved.
CRQ‑27670 The GoTo job/task box in the search screen is now limited to numbers only when using Firefox.
CRQ‑27689 RWS ID settings for connecting to Auth0 can be saved again.
CRQ‑27703 Convert Item/Task stages allow uploading XML files when there are two matching file types in the configuration.
CRQ‑27704 Search indexing for long strings has been improved.
CRQ‑27733 Fresh installations of TMS 12.6 will now correctly create the local SDLTMS_Users group.
CRQ‑27749 A cross-site scripting vulnerability has been addressed.
CRQ‑27757 Attributes with picklist values are now correctly displayed during job creation.
CRQ‑27766 The navigation tree now loads correctly even where there are jobs with long descriptions.
CRQ‑27787 Service Broker queues, routes, services, and conversations are now cleaned correctly

RWS-hosted customers should contact RWS Support to arrange for this update to be deployed.

Customers who host TMS themselves should download the installer for TMS 12.6.32041.6 - Cumulative Update 6 for TMS.exe from the following FTP site: TMS/12.6.6