TMS 12.6 | TMS 12.6 Release Announcement (September 2021)

We are pleased to announce the general availability of TMS 12.6. See below for some highlights of this release.

Re-indexing translation memories on demand [Community Idea]

TMS 12.6 includes the ability to reindex translation memories from the edit TM page. A new button on the toolbar labelled “Reindex” brings up a new page where users can select actions to perform against each language pair in the TM. The available actions are:

  • No Index Update Required. This is the default option
  • Update Existing Index. Only available for language pairs that are already indexed
  • Recreate Index. Only available for language pairs that are already indexed
  • Delete Index. Only available for language pairs that are already indexed
  • Create Index. Only available for language pairs that are not already indexed

This new functionality removes the necessity to download and install the TM Maintenance desktop application to perform index operations on the translation memory.

Improved search [Community Idea]

We have enhanced the search page in TMS 12.6 to return more object types in a faster time. You can search for the following objects:

  • Job
  • Task
  • Group
  • User
  • Translation Memory
  • Translation Memory Sequence

Search operations now return results much faster than previously.

RWS branding

We have re-branded TMS 12.6 in line with current RWS brand guidelines. The changes are mostly cosmetic, but you will now find the main menu across the top of the application where in previous releases it was in the left navigation.


TMS 12.6 supports the latest infrastructure from Microsoft for operating systems and databases. TMS 12.6 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019.

NOTE: TMS 12.6 no longer supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

File types updates

TMS 12.6 contains the following new file types:

  • VTT subtitling format
  • XML V2 (as supported in Trados Studio)

In addition, we have updated all file types to the latest available versions.

Language and currency support

TMS 12.6 contains support for 598 languages and 111 currencies to align with those supported by RWS Language Cloud. When you add a language pair, the languages are searchable.


We have reviewed all database queries and web pages in TMS 12.6 for performance issues and potential improvements. Where possible, we have optimized the queries and pages to improve the user experience for TMS 12.6.


We have replaced all legacy frameworks with security vulnerabilities in TMS 12.6. We have also addressed any vulnerabilities found by our regular scanning. For external applications and Trados Studio plug-ins, there is a new device authentication flow. You can find a list of all authenticated applications from the My Details page.

For full information on these new features please refer to the detailed Release Notes available on

Customers who host TMS should download the installer for Tms_12.6.31423.0.iso from the following FTP site: TMS/12.6.0

Users are advised to refresh their browser cache after every TMS upgrade.