Convert file step not working for XML files

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Client is sending Sitecore XML via Mantra to TMS, we receive the file in 'Prepare Source' (CONVERT_ITEM), PMO send the XML file to Engineering to prep, and PMO wants to use the swap functionality to Change the XML that the client has send us in the file XML file the Engineers prepped for PMO to use. TMS is not accepting the new XML file, what leads to PMO creating new job in TMS with the new file and sending it to translation. The problem with this workaround is that (1) it's more work for PMO (2) the client does not get a download notification at Translated Content Retrieval because PMO created the job, not the project requester. This is leading to discussions with client because client wants a system notification from Mantra that files are ready for download.

The explanation that is given in a ticket (ticket number: 00488163) via LDTS is that The purpose of the convert step is to convert the file format, or in other words to change the file extension. In the scenario above xml stays xml. I want to point out that on daily basis we receive excel, powerpoint, words etc and we adjust the file a little bit when necessary and upload the same format again and with those file formats it works. It is also the bahaviour we want from tms because 99% of the file swapping we do it file stays in the same format. Only with XML files the convert step is not working, can you please investigate this issue because it will save a lot of discussions with the client - and manual effort by the pmo. 

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Josje ter Maat

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