WorldServer 11.8.2 General Availability!

I am pleased to announce the release of WorldServer 11.8.2.

This release includes a number of improvements, such as:

  • Project managers can now perform the following updates to existing project groups:
    • Add new target locales.
    • Remove existing target locales.
    • Configure target locales for each file.
    • Add new translatable files.
    • Remove existing translatable files.
    • Change the name and description of any project group.
    • Moreover, all these updates are now recorded in the History tab of the Project Group/Locale Information panel.

    • This feature is governed by a new permission called "Project Group Management", which is enabled by default for the Administrators and Project Managers user types
  • You can now select files to be added only to specific target locales during project creation
  • Added a new field to the TM search REST API endpoint


The type of TM search you want to perform. Accepted values are standard, concordance, and segment_leverage. The searchType parameter only works with the eq operator.

  • Included cost calculation when a project is cancelled from Projects view
  • Added Multiterm export option for WSXI UI (aligned with the functionality in Legacy UI)
  • Updated to the latest Core Components file-types
  • Updated Online Editor to the latest version
  • Update JasperReports Server to the latest version
  • Upgraded a number of third-party components to newer, more secure versions
  • Addressed a number of customer-reported issues