WS 11.8.1 General Availability!

I am pleased to announce the release of WS 11.8.1, a small but important update to WorldServer. As well as addressing a number of customer-reported issues, we have taken the opportunity to:

- improve performance by adding additional DB indexes

- updated to the latest Core Components file types

      - this includes changing to the latest PDF conversion support

      - marking older file types as Deprecated

      - more significantly, added support for bilingual formats to retain pre-existing translations

- updated the Online Editor to the latest version, resolving a number of open issues (incl. term synonym visibility)

- updated some 3rd party libraries to address security issues there

- for our Support colleagues, we added a means to grab hold of a hanging task to be able to resolve the underlying issue (Send to Auto Error)

- added support for the TM caching feature to work also for projects created without a Project Type

I would like to thank the Engineering team for their dedication and delivery of this latest release and look forward to the exciting next installment, WorldServer 11.9!