Creating Trados package succeeds with a Failed status

When trying to export the Trados package from WorldServer it returns status Failed with success message.

I can see in the logs of the FTS that the package '.sdlxliff' file was created successfully, both in the popup and in the FTS server logs located in the `<FTSSharedFolder>\logs\engine.log`.

The log in the `engine.log` says `Successfully exported file(s) '<WorldServer folder>\temp\test-projo12985647446356068808.sdlxliff'.`.

In my setup, both WorldServer and FTS server are in the same windows machine.

May this be a configuration issue related to the shared folder?

Screenshot of WorldServer's 'Create Trados Studio Translation Kit for Tasks' dialog box with a 'Failed' status and a contradictory success message stating 'One of One task exported successfully.'

Generated Image Alt-Text
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  • Hi  , the reasons for this generic error could be multiple. Here are some questions and actions for you:

    1- Are you able to export other projects/tasks or does the export fail in general?

    2- Is this a new WorldServer environment or has an upgrade been done recently? Which WorldServer version are you on?

    3- Open the Task in Browser Workbench and do a "Save". is the "Save" operation successful or do you get an error? If you get an error, which one?

    4- Please de-select "Show Errors only" and repeat the export, which should display the export details. Please take a screenshot of those details.

    5- Go to Assignments/Projects, find the project, open the Task page and export from there. This page is the Legacy UI. The export from here might provide more details.

    6- Go to "Assignments/Filter Engine Queue". Is the queue empty? If not, are the jobs there executing or are they in Status "On queue", not moving or changing?



  • After hours of debugging I found out that it was some sort of permissions issue.

    I was not able to set the 'service account' when installing the FTS server, so I've left the fields empty and as a result the FTS server was successfully installed but the service was running on 'Local system account'.

    The solution was to find the running services in the 'Services' app, change the 'Log on' to 'This account' and configure an existing account.