Creating Trados package succeeds with a Failed status

When trying to export the Trados package from WorldServer it returns status Failed with success message.

I can see in the logs of the FTS that the package '.sdlxliff' file was created successfully, both in the popup and in the FTS server logs located in the `<FTSSharedFolder>\logs\engine.log`.

The log in the `engine.log` says `Successfully exported file(s) '<WorldServer folder>\temp\test-projo12985647446356068808.sdlxliff'.`.

In my setup, both WorldServer and FTS server are in the same windows machine.

May this be a configuration issue related to the shared folder?

Screenshot of WorldServer's 'Create Trados Studio Translation Kit for Tasks' dialog box with a 'Failed' status and a contradictory success message stating 'One of One task exported successfully.'

Generated Image Alt-Text
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