WorldServer Quarterly Update Q32021 - Latest Features in WS 11.7

Here at RWS we’ve been busy and want to introduce you to the new capabilities, features and improvements in the most recent release for WorldServer.

We will provide an overview of:

  • The latest features in WS 11.7

  • File Type changes

  • Reorganized User Interface

  • Legacy file type removal

  • Additional Scoping Report buttons

  • Change Assignees for multiple locales

  • Pinnable Columns

  • Persist WS Explorer credentials

  • Open multiple Tasks at once in the Online Editor

  • Interactive QA Checks in the Online Editor

  • RWS Rebranding

Please note this presentation is for customers only, so we ask that you only share this invitation with co-workers and other RWS customers.

Senior Product Manag

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