New release SDL Tridion DX - Launched

On Wednesday (Nov 7), SDL announced a new release of SDL Tridion DX, which is based on a latest release of SDL Tridion Sites 9 and SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP2. Both are capable of publishing through a shared online delivery stack called Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD). It is accompanied by a new version of DXA, which brings together two separate DXA streams.

The SDL Tridion DX focuses on “Continuity of Experiences,” which refers to the platform’s ability to bridge the pre-sale, sale and post-sale phases of the customer journey. In particular, this release of SDL Tridion DX enables companies to better blend in-depth product information in the customer’s overall journey.

The key new features of SDL Tridion DX are:

  • The release of SDL Tridion Sites 9 and its Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD) capabilities enable dynamic content mashups between marketing content & product information using a taxonomy-driven approach. 
  • The ability to share SDL Tridion Sites taxonomies with SDL Tridion Docs so content across both systems can be tagged identically.  
  • DXA 2.1 which brings together the regular version of DXA from SDL Tridion Sites with the self-service portal – DXA for Dynamic Documentation – from SDL Tridion Docs.
  • Fully functional Experience Optimization based on Elastic search. It provides much faster and simplified implementation and requires a lighter infrastructure footprint.
  • Specific new features for SDL Tridion Sites 9, including editorial improvements (in particular: Regions) and other technology updates.
  • Support for DITA 1.3 in SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP2.

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