New Year, time for an upgrade? Recapping the Tridion Docs 14 SP4 release

In November, we released a new version, Tridion Docs 14 SP4. This is the first version to support our new semantic AI capabilities, an industry-leading approach to making information findable and futureproof. For SME authors and reviewers in Draft Space and Review Space, new filtering capabilities in the outline allow you to quickly focus on just the topics you need to, and visual clarity is improved. Draft Space gets as-you-type spellchecking and an easier way to accept changes. And the optional Document History view is now available in Review Space as well as Draft Space. For authors and power users in Oxygen XML Author, version 23.1 is now supported.

Here’s more information on the new features:

Semantic AI to bring more value to your content (paid option)

  • In the Tridion Docs desktop client tools and Draft Space, Smart Tagging suggests useful tags from the organizational taxonomy managed in Tridion’s embedded taxonomy management tools (powered by PoolParty)
  • Organizations can also enable fully automated tagging on batches of content, always allowing content teams to tweak tags manually after they are applied
  • Create and manage a multi-lingual, SKOS standard taxonomy easily with tools such as corpus analysis, or import and customize other taxonomies, with a true linked data / knowledge graph compatible approach
  • (In Tridion Dynamic Experience Delivery, DXD) smart search and dynamic filters let you add intuitive navigation into your web app or other delivery channel so end users quickly find the right information to accomplish their tasks.

Draft Space, Review Space

  • Find the content you need to work on quickly. Selected statuses get badges in the publication outline and filters too so you can focus on just the topics you want to review or edit.
  • The Document History capability (paid add-on) is now available in Review Space as well as Draft Space.
  • In Review Space, conditioned-out content is correctly hidden, so SME reviewers can concentrate on the content that end users will view. (Where more technically-minded reviewers would like to view all conditional content, not just the current context, we suggest they review in Draft Space, which also offers more insight into other aspects of structure, element names and so on.)
  • Visual clarity is improved in a number of areas, for example with higher contrast overall, and images with the placement attribute set to “break” displayed as block elements.

Draft Space specifically

  • Spell-checking suggestions as you type.
  • Drag and drop objects in the Outline view.
  • Easily accept straightforward suggestions to the content with the Accept Change button.
  • Organizations with the WIRIS MathML editor can connect it to edit block equations.

Desktop client tools

  • Authoring bridge to Oxygen XML Author supports Oxygen 23.x.

For a walkthrough of the new features, see the webinar that Chip Gettinger and I recently presented:, and I recommend also the “What’s New in Tridion Docs 14 SP4” datasheet here: 

For a deeper dive into using and implementing the features in this release, see our bootcamp training videos:

To discuss upgrading to this new release, please contact your account manager or RWS Professional Services.