Releasing Tridion Docs 15

Releasing Tridion Docs 15

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Tridion Docs 15.0.0! 

With special focus on increasing productivity and usability, Tridion Docs 15 lets you get more work done without compromising on accuracy. Security has always been a top priority for our customers and therefore a top priority for us. In this release, we have developed state-of-the-art security measures to make Tridion Docs more secure and reliable than ever before. Introduction to brand new Organize Space and centralized user access management makes managing content and user access much more efficient. All this, along with a host of exciting new features are part of the latest Tridion Docs 15. 

Here are some more details: 

Organize Space  

Organize Space comes with a completely new user interface that provides greater usability and productivity and is built from the ground up using ReactJS and the Tridion Docs OpenAPI. Organize Space is the successor of the web client, and it covers all the features of the web client, and more. It is equipped with better filtering, sorting, and searching functions and allows customers to extend the capabilities of Organize Space by implementing Extensions. 

Collective Spaces (Draft and Review Space) 

Collective Spaces comes with an improved layout and some notable feature improvements assisting users to get more productive: 

  • Collective Spaces has an improved layout where the outline (table of contents) has been moved out of the sidebar and added to the left side of the screen. Users can collapse and expand the outline to adjust the screen area as they like. Intuitive badge icons have been added to the outline to make it easier for users to identify the topics that need attention, and they can go to a specific item directly by clicking on its icon. Moreover, these icons can be customized for any statuses. There are more icons available to choose from at the Fontawesome library. 
  • Annotations have been created as bubbles/balloons right next to the selected text, making it easier to browse through them. There is a new Save and Share button available, which allows you to instantly create and share the annotation in a single step. The Reason field in suggestions is now configurable so that the organizations who do not require it as mandatory can easily change it. And lastly, the filter option for annotations has been upgraded to display both resolved and unresolved comments together in a single view. 
  • Mixed content (XML elements that contain text and other child elements) is handled much better while editing and rendering content, making it a better experience when working with complex content structures. 
  • There are new feature toggle options available in Organize Space to enable or disable Draft and Review Spaces and the Document History feature via settings. 

Improvements specifically for Draft Space: 

  • You can select multiple cells of a table and perform group operations like merge, change font, clear, etc. 
  • You can upload a new revision of an image even for released topics, along with an option to refresh to update the current image 
  • a new menu to insert elements into a Reference topic type 

Improvements specifically for Review Space: 

  • You can expand tables for a better view for topics that are released 
  • a new attributes panel for Review Space, which reviewers can enable if they need to access to technical information related to elements 
  • You can enable a custom sidebar for additional functionality where required  


Client Tools  

As we removed the older COM+ technologies and introduced Modern Authentication, the Client Tools have also undergone improvements.  

  • Significant UI optimizations have been made for all client tools to support windows scaling, primarily when using a high DPI monitor. 
  • Compatibility upgrades: Authoring bridges for Oxygen and XMetaL have been upgraded to work with the latest Oxygen 25 and XMetaL 17 versions, respectively. Authoring Bridge for Arbortext editor is no longer available with Tridion Docs 15. 
  • The Client Tools have been upgraded to follow the new authentication protocols. User access to all applications is configured in Access Management. When a client tool is launched, the user is redirected to the default browser to complete the authentication process. 
  • Content Importer now has new command-line options that separate the convert and import phases via the command line. Additionally, there is a new command-line option that lets users sign into Content Importer using a service account client ID and secret. 
  • In Condition Manager, the options to upload and download conditions have been replaced with a familiar “check out” and “check in” approach for updating conditions. 


 Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD) 

On the content delivery front there have been some enhancements made specifically for Tridion Docs for better performance and to provide a more rewarding consumer experience. 

  • Semantic AI recommendations: This feature enables Knowledge portal users to save time and effort in finding the most relevant and useful information. Using Semantic AI driven recommendations makes the configuration and implementation of this feature across portal automated and scalable. 
  • We have introduced a new implementation of server-side caching mechanism. The delivery caching layer is redeveloped using Apache Ignite and is made configurable in terms of caching nodes and clients. This improves the overall performance while also providing better scaling opportunities. Customers can even deploy a distributed cache cluster for high availability setups. 
  • GraphQL queries are optimized to be more specific and familiar to Tridion Docs environment making it much easier and seamless to integrate with the content delivery. 


Better Security Through Modern Authentication 

Tridion Docs 15 provides a new and more secure way to authenticate users, using OpenID Connect and the Access Management application. In this implementation, authentication takes place outside of individual applications, and user access is instead federated through an identity provider set up in Access Management. This also makes it easier for enterprise organizations to enable Multifactor Authentication (MFA/2FA)  

Tridion Docs is verified by Veracode to incorporate application security best practices embedded in the software development process. Public listings can be found on 


Centralized User Access Management 

This new centralized approach simplifies administrative tasks and enhances overall user management efficiency within the Tridion Docs ecosystem. Access Management is a GUI-based application that serves as a central location to manage identity providers and to configure authentication for applications, users, and service accounts. The Tridion Docs Identity Provider is provided out of the box as a default option. Administrators can set up multiple identity providers and manage user group access based on role type and, if needed, provide additional access to individual users. 



To discuss upgrading to this new release, please contact your account manager or RWS Professional Services.  

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