SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP1

The KC team is excited to release SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP1.  

** This release is available since August 2016. **

This release includes SDL Knowledge Center Content Manager (12.0.1), SDL Knowledge Center Content Delivery (7.4.0) and SDL Knowledge Center Content Editor (5.4.0). 

Knowledge Center 2016 SP1 Release Information

  • Content Manager (formerly Architect)
  • Publication Manager content refresh message can now be dismissed
  • TranslationOrganizer racing condition removed that send out content twice
  • Introducing an External Validation endpoint to single source DTD validation for translation management systems
  • Syncro Soft <oXygen/> XML Author no longer has a fixed preprocessing step, we now rely on the lazy loading mechanism of the xml editor
  • When upgrading Architect systems it is very important that you verify and re-submit the Xml Settings.
  • Packaged Content Editor (formerly Create) 5.4.0 which offers improved copy/paste- XML support over the clipboard
  • Third party software changes include: XMetaL 11 (supports Windows 10), Microsoft SQL Server 2012SP3, SDL TMS 11.1.x,…
  • Content Delivery (formerly Reach)
  • Content Delivery release is the same as 2016/7.4.0; an improved Content Delivery version will follow soon.

For more details, see the Release Notes sections New and Fixed, in Knowledge Center 2016 SP1 Documentation

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