SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP3

The Knowledge Center team is excited to release SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP3.

** This release is available since January 2017 **

This release includes SDL Knowledge Center Content Manager (12.0.3).

Knowledge Center 2016 SP3 Release Information

  • Content Manager (formerly Architect)
  • MSXML4 dependency is removed from the code base and replaced by MSXML6 [TS-11956|TS-9494]
    • Classic .ASP files, .VBS files and COM+ DLLs are modified. Typically “MSXML2.DOMDocument.4.0” became “MSXML2.DOMDocument.6.0” with extra configuration for optional resolveExternals or validateOnParse properties where required.
    • Note that we had to break COM+ DLLs binary compatibility. This should however not be an issue as you are not allowed to use this interface anymore since we introduced all .NET interfaces in 2014SP1/11.0.1.
    • ConvertStyles.bat implementation changed from “MSXSL.EXE” to “xslTransform.vbs”
    • Obsolete pages regarding IndexTerms and ClassicASP implementation of PreviewExternal are removed
    • Unfortunately typical custom files like Rep*Dlg.asp are also changed. So in other words, you also need to remove the MSXML4 dependency for your custom pages!
  •  “States” became “Statuses” as requested by Training department
  • Web Client improvements to allow IMetadataBinding integration in Find New Publications (SearchNewPublications.asp) [TS-11701|TS-11624|SRQ-5363]
  • Web Client - Search - Date picker don't work after adding/enabling metadatabound fields for the search screen [TS-11743|TS-11590]
  • MetadataConfig.xml changed to match Dynamic Title resolving paradigm. A drag-n-drop operation in Publication Manager still filled the <navtitle> attribute with the FTITLE value while it should be empty [TS-11798]
  • Web Client Checkout action to open Content Editor no longer asked to create a new version when the requested content object was already (R)eleased [TS-12006|]
  • Web Client – Topics cannot be opened in Content Editor when the Repository Tab is hidden [TS-11984|TS-11985|SRQ-5713]
  • TranslationOrganizer - Fill columns error/externalStatus on TranslationJobItems to allow easier integration debugging. Available in the database and over the Web Services API. [TS-11588|TS-10305|TS-11557|TS-10304]
  • TranslationOrganizer – Print status/workflow detection in the log files to help identify wrong initial or final status like ‘In Translation’ [TS-11567]
  • Java JDK/JRE 1.8.0_112 certification [TS-11975|TS-11993]
  • Improved recovery for IIS Application Pools that failed to re-initialize because the database was unavailable during their first initialize attempt. [TS-12134|TS-12157|SRQ-6051]
  • Don't log method enter/exit or anything from Trisoft.InfoShare.COMAPI to avoid NLOG deadlocks [TS-12034]

For more details, see the Release Notes sections New and Fixed, see Knowledge Center 2016 SP3 Documentation 

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