SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP4 Released

Knowledge Center 2016 SP4 Release Information

** This release is available since June 2017 **

The Knowledge Center team is excited to release SDL Knowledge Center 2016 SP4. This release includes SDL Knowledge Center Content Manager (12.0.4).

Content Manager (formerly Architect)

  • Support for Chinese (zh-CN) user interface language in Content Editor (packaged build 5.4 - 5672) and Client Tools including error messages.
  • Improved location and focus when a Publication Manager table of contents refresh happens
  • Improved Windows DPI scaling algorithms especially for Properties, date picker control and drop down lists.
  • Using the Web Client with limited user role setup so you can only get Repository tab access
  • Changing the baseline will now reload the publication avoiding a restart of the Publication Manager instance.
  • PublishService now also respects registry key ‘TRISOFT_INFOSHARE_PublishService_UseMinimalRequestedMetadata’ when exporting PublicationOutput .MET with taxonomy labels
  • ExportObjects BackgroundTask handler has tweaked file path length calculation if the file extension is shorter than 3 characters
  • Added ‘20151116.InfoShareDemo-12.0.0-sqlserver2012.isource.InfoShare-OasisDita.1.2.MobilePhones.bak’ on the CD package

For more details, see the Release Notes sections New and Fixed, see Knowledge Center 2016 SP4 Documentation