SDL Tridion Docs 13 Released

The Knowledge Center (~ Tridion Docs) team is excited to share the availability of SDL Knowledge Center 13. This release includes SDL Knowledge Center Content Manager (13.0.0), Collaborative Review (7.6.0), Xopus (5.4.2), Unified Delivery Platform (10.1.0), DDWebApp (1.1), DXA (1.8). Public release notes are on


Tridion Docs 13 (also known as Knowledge Center 13) Release Information

** This release is available since November 2017 **

  • Introduced new Dynamic Documentation delivery components, replacing 'Reach-External'. The full chain allows to publish from the CMS into the reused 'SDL Web Content Delivery' (UDP) stack and a new reference web application called 'DXA for Dynamic Documentation' (DDWebApp).
  • Content Manager Client Tools allow every user to personalize their list views by adding, sorting, sizing their wanted columns in every list view.
  • Content Manager Web Client Properties dialogs are now single-sourced with the Client Tools property dialogs.
  • Chinese language support was added; ranging from the UI strings where possible to the end user documentation.
  • Translation Organizer can talk to the latest WorldServer and TMS versions using their REST APIs. This allows features like CMS-based Translation Review while keeping the TMS/WS translation job open; and cancellation of TranslationJobs in either the CMS or WS/TMS.
  • More behind the scenes for the CMS component we replaced TriDKXmlSetup with new DBUT options; enhanced the Content Manager as IdentityProvider; and removed the run time dependency on MSDTC and MSXML4.
  • Besides rolling up all hot fixes the Collaborative Review (Reach) component now respects Content Manager security user groups while reviewing.
  • Content Editor has improved copy-paste support continuing the improvements like copying complex tables from the Office products. It also received parallel image upload from the file system.
  • More product automation cmdlets through ISHDeploy.13 version 1.4 (notice that we dropped, minor/patch naming, which we will make available for ISHDeploy.12 as well)
  • And of course all bugs fixes and features on previous service packs are also part of these release vehicles. 

For more details, see the Release Notes sections New and Fixed, see Tridion Docs 13 Documentation