SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP1

The Tridion Docs (~Knowledge Center) team is excited to share the availability of SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP1. This release includes SDL Tridion Docs Content Manager (13.0.1), Collaborative Review (7.7.0), Xopus (5.4.3), Unified Delivery Platform (10.1.1), DDWebApp (1.2), DXA (1.8.1).

 ** This release is available since May 2018 **

The one where we...

  • As a recurring theme, we rebranded so on top of the new SDL logo, the successor of the 'Knowledge Center' product is now called 'Tridion Docs'.
  • All Client Tools switched to 64-bit (x64), and we do not offer 32-bit (x86) versions anymore. In practice this means that Publication Manager can handle larger publications, Content Importer can handle larger batches and we are back on track with Arbortext Editor support as they only had a 64-bit edition. Supported xml editor versions for our Authoring Bridge integration are now the 64-bit versions of Oxygen 20.0, Arbortext Editor 7.1, XMetaL 12 and XMetaL 12 J(apanese).
  • DXA for Dynamic Documentation (DDWebApp) received many tweaks and fixes. To name a few multi-value family/marketing name, full italic page, embedded videos, OASIS DITA generated text missing, etc
  • Added a Commenting Dashboard on the CMS-side which now allows easy management on the external comments coming in through DXA for Dynamic Documentation (DDWebApp) which are stored in the User Generated Content (UGC) service of the Unified Delivery Platform (UDP).
  • Awesome performance improvements by rewriting COM+based 'PublishService' into BackgroundTask-based 'Publish'. All integration should now become .NET interface based. This is the continued effort, now applied to all OutputFormats, which we started for publishing into Unified Delivery Platform (UDP).
  • Collaborative Review completed the reviewing cycle by offering an overview within the Publication on what still needs reviewing, Prev/Next navigation inside the opened Publication, and an 'Approve' toggle to complete the review. More enhanced workflow on the topics can be done through the unified metadata properties which are shown in the side panel on the right.
  • Collaborative Review also, technically through Content Editor, allows to create new Topics, Maps and Images including metadata. The Images now allow replacement by re-uploading new binaries.
  • Unified properties screens are configured through metadataconfig.xml and single-sourced over Client Tools, CMS Web Client, Content Editor and Collaborative Review.
  • Tridion Sites 'Keywords & Categories' connector is part of the package. This IMetadataBinding implementation allows Tridion Docs Content Manager to single source a taxonomy with the Tridion Sites Content Manager enabling pre- and post-sales content mashup integration on the Unified Delivery Platform (UDP version 11 or higher required).
  • On the usability front, Publication Manager panel showing Collaborative Review comments now has a 'Locate' operation.
  • Platform support, besides the xml editors, goes from Java 10 support (Tomcat 8.5/9, Solr, Jetty, and DITA-OT).
  • Documentation holds the guidance on the above goodies but also includes rewritten 'Getting Started' sections.
  • And of course all bugs fixes and features on previous service packs are also part of these release vehicles.

For more details, see the Release Notes sections on SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP1 Release Notes

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