SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP2

The Tridion Docs (~Knowledge Center) team is excited to share the availability of SDL Tridion Docs 13 SP2. This release includes SDL Tridion Docs Content Manager (13.0.2), Collaborative Review (7.7.0; retrofit), Xopus (5.4.4), Dynamic Experience Delivery (11.0.0), DDWebApp (1.2.1), DXA (1.8.1; unchanged).

** This release is available since November 2018 **

The one where we...

  • Added OASIS DITA 1.3 with properly specialized SDL public identifiers wrapping our proprietary attributes like @ishcondition and @varref. Collaborative Review gets these through a configuration package.
  • Allow Unpublish (Undeploy) to be triggered from Content Manager to completely remove earlier published publications of the Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD;UDP) stack. This provides a more powerful option on top of changing publications from Online to Offline.
  • Boosted Content Importer stability and performance for extra-large interconnected data sets
  • Extended Xopus and hence Content Editor with Input Method Extension (IME) for Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages
  • Resolve @conrefs in the Web Client Preview which is reused across Content Editor and ExternalPreview integrations with TMS/WS
  • Included change requests like export 'First Resolution' on OutputFormat, allow empty condition context to be set through Publication Manager, Web Client Upload shows errors, Email Notification restored, added 3 BackgroundTask API functions,... and IWriteMetadata plugins are refactored to offer PS/Partners our helpers assembly
  • Refreshed the Empty/Demo databases
  • Switched to 'Microsoft OLE DB Driverfor SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL)' for COM+based code base to securely connect over TLS 1.2 to Microsoft SQLServer databases
  • Added platform support for OpenJDK11 like AdoptOpenJDK, Microsoft SQLServer 2017, Oracle RDBMs 12.2, Dynamic Experience Delivery (UDP) 11.0.0

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