Tridion Docs 14 SP2 is available now, with new powerful review features and DITA rendering enhancements

The latest version of Tridion Docs was released on Friday, ahead of schedule. SME authors, editors, and reviewers now have all the capabilities they need to collaborate on feedback across a whole organization. The intuitive commenting UX includes a surprising amount of power and control to jump to targeted sections of a publication, focus on specific types of feedback, and record decisions, even for in-country review.

Collective Spaces not only brings new capabilities to customers’ existing SME authoring and review teams but means that whole new groups of users can actively author and edit content, benefiting from structured content without understanding XML.

New features include:

For all Collective Spaces users, whether in Draft Space or Review Space

  • Filter feedback by its type (e.g. technical/editorial), by author, and by resolution state (resolved or not)
  • Add feedback directly on images
  • Power users managing workflow in Publication Manager can get deep links directly to topics to send to reviewers or authors to start editing immediately in the browser
  • Search quickly through content in publications of any size, and choose whether to replace text on each instance
  • Quickly navigate by topic title
  • Authors can also copy reviewer suggestions directly to apply and modify in source content.
  • Variables and whitespace are displayed better (no unwanted gaps between paragraphs and phrases; variable values display inline)
  • The Draft Space outline view supports DITA Bookmaps, an important content type for many organizations

In Review Space

  • Next/Previous buttons allow users to quickly jump between topics to review
  • In-country reviewers can also review target language translations and feed back in the same intuitive environment

In Draft Space

  • An optional paid add-on module provides a detailed view of changes in a topic: who changed what exactly, and when they changed it. This granular view gives confidence to teams who need full visibility on the various inputs to their high-value content.
  • For those editors who want to see the underlying code, a tab reveals the XML view, while not complicating the experience for the majority of users who want easy and intuitive authoring.

Platform support

  • Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019

For more information, see, or contact your account manager to start planning your upgrade and get the benefits of Tridion Docs 14 SP2! Also look out for in-depth technical videos to be posted soon here on the community.