Tridion Docs 14 third update (SP3) just released!

I'm happy to announce that SDL Tridion Docs 14 SP3 has just been released. This features an array of productivity and usability improvements, including:

Collective Spaces enhancements

  • Work more productively with cross-reference links, with a new link picking dialog, automatic link text, and sophisticated DITA relationship table editing (configurable)
  • Find reusable content and images quickly with a new browse repository dialog and easy searching
  • Many usability enhancements, such as drag-and-drop within a topic, clearer design when several people comment on the same text, and optional resolution notes when you resolve an annotation

Content Importer enhancements

  • Label past import jobs so you can use them again
  • Import a publication with all-new identifiers, for a "deep copy"
  • Usability improvements on layout and cleanup of previous import folders

Plus technical enhancements such as lower memory usage in some circumstances and an updated version of the automation toolkit, ISHDeploy.

Connector to Veeva

Our Connectors team is finalizing a publishing connector to Veeva Vault, which will be available this month. This enables organizations, such as those working in Life Sciences, to easily store and then electronically sign final outputs in this market-leading document management system, so the whole organization can then access it from a single point.

This is the first of several such connectors to external systems of record, allowing for easy integration across the enterprise ecosystem wherever file-based document management is important.

Next steps

To find out more about the new release, see the release notes and other documentation at

For a deeper technical dive on implementing the release, see our "Bootcamp" recording at or play it below.

It's also well worth watching the extensive technical training videos we produced in the spring, linked from this blog post:

Contact your account manager or SDL professional services now to plan your upgrade to Tridion Docs 14 SP3!