Looking at the Features of the Tridion Sites 10 UX Update

We are excited to introduce an update to Tridion Sites 10.0. This update brings a number of exciting new features, usability improvements, bug fixes, and security updates to Experience Space, our new workspace for content teams. 


Publishing queue 

The most visible addition is the introduction of the new Publishing view. This is a replacement of the legacy publishing queue in the Classic UI, bringing more power, enhanced usability and performance to editors. 

In one view you get an overview of all publishing transactions, as well as more detailed information about the selected transaction via the insights panel. 

Use the request filters to prefilter the transactions based on the user who initiated a transaction, publication, target type, priority, state, or date range. 

You will be notified on completion of publish transactions even if the publish action was performed in a different tab or session. 

You can now use redo action on multiple publish transactions. 

Add additional columns for extra insight such as scheduled deployment time, publisher host, rendering time and state. Need to share or analyze your data externally? Now you can export it into CSV format. 

And if you would like to provide additional functionality this view supports custom extensions.

New UI Extension point – Insights panel 

To continue enhancing Experience Space extensibility we have introduced a new extension point for the insights panel. Now you can extend the insights panel for the Content Explorer, Activities and Publishing queue views 

  • Panel order can be customized 
  • Default panels can be replaced/removed 
  • New panels can be added 
  • Panels can be shown/hidden dynamically, e.g., depending on user rights, selection, etc. 

For example, you can implement an extension that adds a panel showing the list of bundles where the selected item is added to. 

Free text and date range filters 

A free text filter provides a very efficient way to find an item or items of interest, e.g., based on a substring in the primary item or username, or an item URI. This filter is available in the Activities and Publishing queue lists. For example, if you are looking for the activity running for a certain item you can type in the item name. 

Date range filtering is available in the Content Explorer, Activities, and Publishing queue lists. For example, use this filter to display the activities assigned or started during a specific period. 

New request filters for Activities and Items in progress

Additional request filters for the Activities and Items in progress lists help deliver significantly faster loading times by allowing users to request only the items in which they are interested. 

You can prefilter the items in progress list by the user who has locked the item. Additionally, you can choose to include items that are in workflow or limit the results to new items (items that do not have yet major version). 

In the workflow activities list, you can now request activities for a specific assignee (user or group) or performer. 


Usability improvements and fixes based upon feedback 

  • User interface state (e.g., selection, expanded tree nodes, search query) is preserved when switching between views. 
  • Improved way of working for implementers of UI extensions like packaging an extension will now build it automatically, removed dependency on parameters order of the Open API client, and you can now run the existing (on target environment) extensions on your development environment 
  • Extension framework now makes it possible for developers to know which items are selected in the list 
  • Newly configured columns are appended to the end of the table. This allows users to customize column order 
  • Users can now insert a lang attribute to specify the language of a text selection in the rich text editor 
  • Navigation will redirect to search for items that are not returned in list results due to result length limits 
  • Rich Text Field update when using “insert component link” on a selection, the link should wrap the selection  
  • A linked multimedia schema defined on a folder is no longer ignored when creating multimedia components via upload 
  • And more... 

To get the update package please contact your Account Executive or Customer Support. 

For installation instructions refer to the documentation included in the update package and public documentation at Tridion Sites 10 Documentation. 

Note: All Tridion Sites customers on version 10.0 should install this update, since it includes enhancements and fixes! 

We are excited to see how you leverage these enhancements and look forward to your feedback.