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This group is specifically designed to talk about the evolution of the RWS Community. It is not a group that deals with PRODUCT related questions. So, if you have a question, an idea, a comment or a remark about the use of the RWS Community, then feel free to join and engage with us. We will continue to share and grow this group with new and relevant information and discussion topics. Navigate through the community's Product groups, Customer & Partners groups, Developer groups or Ideas pages and find out what the community has to offer for you. If you miss anything, let us know immediately and we'll try to improve it.

We have an RWS Community FAQ to help you understand all about our community.

Other resources available for you:

  • Ask questions about the RWS Community in the forum
  • Learn how to create post, answer posts, submit ideas and more via our video tutorials
  • Best practices and getting started basics for you in the wiki
  • Want to submit ideas to improve the RWS Community? Try our ideas section

Consider this your safe place for any challenges, ideas and discussions. Just ask!

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