Idea Delivered Partially

Can be done using macros

Using '/align' command in scripts


I will try to explain my requirement.

My workflow :

- Translation from fr-FR to en-GB culture,

- Then, translation from en-GB to my target languages. I manage this process thanks to the cascaded projects. 

A apart of this, our translators want to keep an eye on the original language which is French (fr-FR). So, i managed this creating the French translation list in the cascaded project so that i'am able to send the language en-GB as source and fr language as a support language to the translation packages. Everything is okay.

But, each time i update the cascaded project, i need to align the French translation to retrieve the new resources from my source project => Normal

I would like to automate this as we manage Passolo with scripts.

I tried a '/align' command but it did not seem to work.

Is this batch command supported ? or can be implemented please ?


  • Usually the alignment function is only used to easily create a new Passolo project from already translated software resource files. In most cases this is done once and nothing that occurs in daily business or automation. This is why it isn’t available as a command line (CLI) function.

    You can achieve this by implementing it as a small macro as PslTransList.ScanTargetFile() is part of the object model. Then you can call the macro from CLI using /runmacro=MyAlignMacro.bas