Multilingual Excel filetype: show length limitation in document structure information

Hello, Trados developers,

At my company, we are very glad to have the Multilingual Excel filetype with Trados Studio 2022, but the filetype does have one shortcoming compared to the Bilingual Excel filetype: it does not show the length limitation in the document structure information. So unless the source Excel file has two columns with the length limitation (which almost never happens), one that you can specify in the yellow box for context information and one in the red one for the actual length verification, Studio won't show the length limitation in the DSI:

Screenshot of the Edit Language dialog in RWS AppStore Ideas showing German language selection with context information field highlighted and max length field in red.Screenshot of Document Structure Information dialog with entries for Paragraph and Multilingual Paragraph, both described as a paragraph of text.

It would therefore be nice to be able to specify the length limitation column as context information as well, which is currently not possible, so we can have the same information as with the Bilingual Excel filetype:

Screenshot of Document Structure Information dialog showing a Length Restriction entry with type characters and maximum value 30, and a Cell entry described as a cell in a table.

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