Idea Delivered

As per comments - this is possible by opening a file for review and then decide if to confirm all segments through that flow. The ribbon command is designed to be used interactively only (segment-by-segment).

An option to confirm all the segments at once.

Hi everybody,

It would be great to add a "Confirm all" option to the menu below. Often, at the end of a translation, you have to use the spellchecker and fix some typos or to do some cosmetic adjustments, such as replacing " ' " with " ’ " in the whole document, which can affect many segments, moreover if it is a long translation. Then you have to confirm every modified segment one by one, which can be long. Unless I miss an option somewhere, there is no way to confirm everything at once.

I actually found a solution in the forum, that involves highlighting all the segments, then changing their statuts into "confirmed", then batch updating manually the main TM from the translated file, but it is not really satisfying, since it is not strait forward.

Why not adding a mere Confirm all command in the ribbon?


    Hi Philippe,

    Glad to help!

    All the best,

    Ali Smiley

  • Thank you, Alison and Jerzy, it seems it is the most straightforward way to achieve the result I wanted.

    Since I generally work only in translation mode, I was not aware of that feature.

    I just tried it, and it's great.

    Thanks again

  • I agree with Jerzy,

    If you open the file in Review mode, when you close it, the following dialog opens:

    Click 'yes' and the whole file will be confirmed as 'Translation Approved' and updated to the TM. You can tick 'Don't ask this question again' and it will just happen automatically. As you can see, I haven't ticked that box, because sometimes I want to close the file before I have finished proofreading or reviewing it.

    All the best,

    Ali Slight smile

  • One of the common problems reported in other forums is an unwanted and unexpected confirmation of all segments during working, caused by "something strange".

    This said: if you use "open for review" and do some corrections, you only need to confirm the corrected segments. When closing the file all untouched segments will be brought to the status "Translation approved". In my opinion this is the correct way to make final corrections after the translation—not in translation, but in review mode.

    There is a shortcut to select all segments and you can change the status to whatever you want, but this is obviously already known.

    From my experience and due to this unexpected confirming of segments reported by really many user I cannot support this idea.