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Excluding a given segment from auto-propagation

Hi everybody,

I am a huge fan of auto-propagation, but it happens I want to exclude a given segment from the auto-propagation, because the context requires I translate it differently of other like segments.

In practice, I would like to be able to translate or change a specific without propagating the specific translation or change to all the segments down the road that were auto-propagated from a segment located higher in the document. 

For instance, in the picture below, the segment was propagated as "É.A.U. (Dubaï)" since it is written this way elsewhere in the document. But in this specific table, I would need to be able to write it "É.A.U. – Dubaï", for consistency reasons with the rest of that one table, being sure that it will not inadvertently revert to the first format if I change anything elsewhere.

Screenshot of Trados Studio segment with auto-propagation, showing 'E.A.U. (Dubai)' with a warning icon indicating a potential issue.

Would it be possible to exclude a specific segment from auto-propagation with, for instance, a simple right-click? 

Thanks in advance