Idea Delivered Partially

Setting to delivered partially as we assume that the project automation API might help with this use case. To be confirmed.

Improve the command line options for creating projects.


My situation may be on the extreme ends of what people are doing with Trados, but the documentation set for the products I translate is huge.11K+ files.

This way too many files to be able to create a single project for. Instead - I've tried and I get too many crashes of Trados. My workaround it to create 52 Trados projects which mimic the documentation set project organization. 

In Trados, this is a very painful process even when using project templates, and there's certainly room for improvement.

Use Case

Here's the scenario I am currently using to create 50+ projects using Trados Studio:

  1. Create New Project, based on a template.
  2. Give the project a name.
  3. Add the files/folders for the project.
  4. As all the other settings I want to use are the same for this new project as they are set up in the template, I can go ahead and click "Finish". 
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the remaining ~50 projects.

The above requires me to be constantly available to interact with the Trados UI. To create the set of 52 Trados projects takes 2-3 days. Ouch!!!

Using a Batch file

I have experimented with the Trados command line feature to create a project via a batch file but I have hit a couple of issues.

  1. There is a bug which does not allow me to specify folder names to add the files from in my batch file. I  already opened case (00636318).
  2. I already know that for each of my 50+ projects, once I've specified the name of the project and the files to translate, all other options are the same for every project.

Using batch files to do this task is most certainly not an automated end-to-end process because:

  • I STILL have to be present to press the "Next" or "Finish" buttons for each of my projects.
  • It automates the part of the process that takes the least amount of time anyway (the addition of the files in the project).
  • It means I cannot truly automate the creation of all 52 projects.

Note that I have been using SDL Passolo for many years and its batch processing features are well thought through and very practical (as is the API).

Enhancement Idea

It's simple.

Provide a command line option that simply replicates the user pressing the "Finish" button once the files have been added to the project.

If the user needs to make changes to the new project configuration then do not use the "-finish" option. This is the current behavior.

If the user just wants to create a project using all the project settings from the template or reference project, use the "-finish" option.

This opens up so much more potential for automation, which currently is way below what is achievable in SDL Passolo.