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Make clearing all tracked target segments possible

Currently, tracked changes cannot be not cleared using Clear target Segments. As I understand, feature is working as expected, but in addition it would be good to have an extra feature, something like "Clear all tracked target segments" or "Clear all target segments, including tracked". (Clearing each tracked segment one-by-one is possible, but can be quite time consuming for bigger projects, especially for tracked deletions.)

  • hmm, let me help your understand of my PlugIn, again.

    It deletes ALL content of a target segment regardless of trackChange and,
    of course, ALL target segments content in a file, in ALL files or even in ALL projects with ONE/SiNGLE Click.

  • I said "and, If you needed, iterate the above steps again and again.."
    My PlugIn is OneClick only always.
    That is what You wanted.

    If there were not Track changed, Your answer is meaningless
    because Trados Studio has the functionality You wanted OutOfBox already
    under the function name "Clear Target Segment"
    You can clean 1,000 or even 100,000 segments. Period.

  • Question here is not how to remove tracked changes from a single segment, but about cleaning all target segments in one go, regardless if they are tracked or not.

  • quick tested..

    It is a Trados Studio PlugIn of mine.

    which acts following order;
    1. Put On Track changes mode
    2. Delete all the contents of current target segment
    3. Delte the last Track chaged mark - that should be "Deleted"
    4. Change segment status into "nothing"
    5. Put Track chages mode just like before step #1

    and, If you needed, iterate the above steps again and again..

    You could do all these steps only with "One Click"