Under Community Review

Making the “Update” TM field DIRECTLY accessible in the project creation window

When creating a new project, there are way too many clicks necessary for accessing and editing the “Update” field at the Step 3 window (Translation Resources).

Even when using the one under “All Language Pairs”, it requires unwelcome additional clicks, but it's been worse lately, since I have to use the one under the [Source language]->[Target Language] to make the TM update work properly.

Ideally, both “Update” sub-windows should be directly accessible as soon as Step 3 appears.

For now, I first have to click on three different places before I can even see the TM update fields (plus additional clicks to edit them):

A. Step 3 initial view:


B. First click required:

C. Second click required:

D. Third click required:

Then, to edit the “ID and Request No.” field, not only do I need to click the “Value box” on the left, but I still need to double-click it for editing it:

E. Fourth click required:

F. Fifth+sixth clicks (double-click) required:

So, in short, updating the “ID and Request No.”, “Description” and “Client” fields for TM update should be DIRECTLY available with no extra click to make the project creation process more effective.