Idea Delivered Partially

Setting to partially delivered - it's available in the cloud offerings, including the free Trados Studio cloud capabilities. So for anyone working with cloud resources, this is now available.

Possibility to manually add a new translation unit to a TM

It would be very practical in certain cases to be able to manually add a new translation unit to a TM, where you type in (or paste in) your source and target segments. In terms of settings information, the TM could automatically add some default parameters, such as "manually added TU".

  • Dear Maite, nice idea, however, adding a new button may be not that easy, while the following is 100% at hand: 

    1. Go to the TM tab and open the TM where you want to import the sentence.

    2. In the "Origin text" line introduce the simple Regex, as shown above, and check the "Use regular expressions" box.

    The idea is to get to the "trash" segments in your TM, in this case, the numbers (no TM is 100% free of those useless lines).

    3. Click on any segment and paste your phrase there. Confirm the change. Done.

    You can skip the "trash-segment-search" step and go directly to any useless segment in your memory (containing only a name, an email, a date, etc.). By replacing it with a more useful content, you kill two birds in one shot: you quickly save a new segment (no alignment, no creating new projects, etc.) and you clean your TM from "trash" information. 

    Best regards!

  • In Trados Enterprise/Accelerate/Team, new plain text TU can be added using TM Maintenance web application

  • It‘s a brillant app indeed, but it lacks the option to add metadata like notes, source, context etc. Hopefully the dev team will add this feature in the future.

  • In fact the fastest workaround is this:

    We built this plugin last year I think.

  • The fastest workaround I found makes use of the Bilingual Excel file type

    1. create an excel file with the source text in column A and target translation in column B

    2. add this file to Trados using translate single document and activating the Bilingual Excel file type in the extended dialogue 

    3. configure the file type to read source from column A, target from column B, and confirm all present translations 

    4. once the file opens in editor, select batch task "update main TM" and you're done.