Under Community Review

Run batch tasks on multiple projects

It is currently not possible to run batch tasks on multiple projects in Trados Studio. Having this implemented would

speed up processes like pre-translating and analyzing project files as well as creating and re-importing bilingual review files, amongst others.

Having an option to create packages for several projects at once would also be very much appreciated.

  • True, thank you, Adam. That does still require navigating to that specific section in the Project Settings for each job, though, so I still think there should be a way to set this in one go.

  • Regarding Yolanda's comment, I believe it is always possible to enter into the TM mode and change the order manually using the “arrow buttons” provided. I presume the automation of this step would be useful if dealing with large assignments with a multiplicity of TMs.

    With kindest regards to you all, and best wishes for the (almost) New Year.


  • Selecting several imported packages and adding the same TM's to these packages in one go would be great. I tried doing that with a template, but it seems the TMs I add are always put on top, while I would like to keep the client TMs as the main TMs.