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Spell check options for each language in global Trados Studio options


getting back to the suggestion to move spell checking options to project settings, I think it would be easier to implement if the option stays where it is but that we get an option to add languages per spell checker.

- If language not specified: use default spell checker (for this we would need to be able to define whether Microsoft Word or Hunspell is default spell checker)

- add languages per spell checker:

  -- MS Word: DE-DE, FR-FR, EN-UK

  -- Hunspell: LB-LU, DE-AT

So in fact, we would need a field, where we can add the various languages. This could be within the options of the specific spell checker. (Editor > Spell checking > Active Spell checker).

If you select  MS Word spell checker, then you get the options we already know and below Ignore Segment types, you can add a Field called Languages. Here you add the languages you want.

Same goes for Hunspell.

If you now open files for translation/review in a project, Trados checks the selected target language and if it’s DE-DE (for this example), then MS Word is applied. If it’s LB-LU then it’s checked against Hunspell, aso.

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