Idea Delivered

The idea was delivered as part of Tridion Docs 15

The "Reason" field is configurable

In Review Space, Reason field for a text suggestion should NOT be mandatory

While adding a specific text suggestion, a reviewer is currently required to enter a proposed change and a reason. Sometimes the reason is obvious and this field becomes overhead for reviewers. A reason should not be required. Our reviewers have asked questions and logged complaints about having to do this for EVERY suggested change. Can we make this field optional. 

  • Hi Tom, a minor correction on the previous comment from Nigel. The ability to make "Reason field" optional is going to be available in Docs 15 version (next upcoming release). What Nigel is referring to is the "Resolution Text Field" which is optional by default in the Docs 14 SP3 version.

  • Hi Tom! We agreed with this one and already incorporated the change into the SP3 release! :) Therefore, it is now a configurable setting that allows Reason to either be a required field or an optional field depending on how your organization wishes to setup their process. From the online documentation: "Optional Annotation Resolution Text Field - Resolution Text Field is now optional by default. To make it required add <annotationresolutioncomment required=yes> in the <commonsettings> section of the Collective Spaces Settings file." Link: So, whenever you upgrader to SP3 or later this will be available to you. Thanks!