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Something to consider for future development in regards of different dashboards for translation information, such as items sent for translated, items out of date etc.

Any other views we should consider?

A custom page to show all items that have been sent to translation in CME

In a large blueprint with many publications, and many translated content scattered in many publication, it is a challenge to find these localized item(s)

Improvement / Enhancement

It would be nice if we can implement some GUI, such as perhaps, a custom page where it will show any items in CM that have been sent to translation.

and if user click to the item, the GUI would open that item in the form-based view.

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  • Hi Rick, push back from users on having to navigate up to 9 publications (per locale) to publish pages. Consider this a very high publishing activity scenario here. They request an easier way to publish over multiple publications and make that solution work with a basic workflow implementation :)

    The best image that comes to mind when they brought this up to me was - remember the old sdl community tool approx 2010 Power Tools? Inside of that app there was like a Power Page Publisher that you could navigate the entire tree, across multiple publications that publish. Or like how you would select items to content port, in a mass way and publish. 

  • Apologies, my previous statement was not exactly accurate for this topic. 

    For this one.. the ask is for an easy way to see all localized items across publications. Currently, the only way I can see how to do this - is via search. Since you can search for all items (components/pages) across publications in a single view.