Can we generate the PDF in greyscale including the colored images?


I need to generate the PDF in greyscale (black and white) including the color images/graphics.

I tried to generate the PDF using the switch -nocolor but it is only converting the text color not the colored images/graphics.

Even the background shading is also getting off in greyscale PDF.

Can anybody help me to achieve this. 

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  • Yes, Shahnawaz, you'll have to go some other route as XPP does not have an option to greyscale the colors in images.

    And while I'm here, I just want to make a comment in general to all who use this forum. I'm seeing a tendency in posts that they are very lacking in details. For example, here you talk about generating a PDF but in XPP there are two main workflows to do that: psfmtdrv (PS workflow) and divpdf (Direct to PDF). Each of those workflows has its own options and quirks, so it's always best that it be specified which workflow is being used. It doesn't hurt to also specify exact command lines that are being used, so it's known to readers what all the options are that are being used. Of course, the same applies to other XPP utilities that are being discussed, such as divxml, divhtml, etc. If everyone takes the time to provide more detail with their posts, I think you'll find that you'll probably receive more feedback and quicker feedback.

    Also, when asking general "how to" questions it's also good to mention what you've read in the documentation about your subject or what you found was lacking in the documentation. As a reminder the XPP documentation is provided as a downloadable PDF Archive (with an Acrobat Index or Catalog) with capabilities to easily search across the entire set of XPP manuals.

    Jonathan Dagresta
    RWS Group/
    XPP Development

  • Thanks John for the confirmation and the comments. Next time, I will add more details while asking any questions in this forum.

    I tried to generate the PDF using divpdf (Direct to PDF) workflow.

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