Languages are missing they end with Italian (Vatican City) and languages are not configured for the installation

Please help me I cannot use Trados languages are missing and not configured for the installaion. I have followed all the instructions and unistalled but without success. 

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    It is a little complicated when I first installed the 5 languages I choose Italian (Italy), French (France), en-US, en-UK, and Danish (Denmark). But when I changed computer and took Trados from the old computer to the new, I read it was perhaps possible to choose English and get all the dialects in order to add Norwegean (Norway) as a fifth language. But, I learned you could not do that, and here I am. (There is a Swedish saying who wants too much often gets nothing). Thank you so much again!!!!

    So... when you choose your languages you only need to select the main language.  So you select English (any English) and you get all 60+ variants.  You select any French and you get all the French etc.  Yo do not need to add a specific variant.  If you do select a variant it WILL COUNT as a language from your available five.  So select en-GB and en-US and you just chose two languages.  I hope this bit is clear?

    However, you could choose Italian, French, English, Danish and Norwegian.  But then you still won't be able to open that SDLXLIFF file as it was EN-SV.  If you upgrade to 2022 however you won't need to worry and you'll be able to open any language combination and will never be asked to choose your languages again.  Otherwise you will have to keep resetting your languages and choosing different ones to work on the language pair you need.

    Make sense?