Cumulative Update 9 Release for Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1

Cumulative Update 9 Release for Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1


We are thrilled to introduce the Cumulative Update 9, a significant update to our current Trados GroupShare generation, packed with enhancements and improvements. With several hundred changes made to our core components since the beginning of 2022, we've been working tirelessly to make your journey with our product smoother, more efficient, and more enjoyable. Here's what's in store for you:

Rocket Enhanced Online Editor and TM Components: We've fine-tuned our Online Editor and Translation Memory (TM) components, making them even more robust and intuitive. Enjoy a seamless translation process, improved collaboration, and enhanced performance as you work with our updated core components.

Bar chart New and Improved Dashboard and Reporting Interface: Your data deserves the best presentation, and that's exactly what we're delivering with our new Dashboard and reporting interface. Gain deeper insights into your projects, track progress, and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Wrench Changes to the REST API: To align with the latest industry standards and to empower developers with more versatility, we've made updates to our REST API. Experience enhanced flexibility and expanded integration possibilities for your workflows.

Link Share Project via Direct Link: Collaboration made simple! You can now share your projects effortlessly with others by generating direct links. Seamlessly invite stakeholders and teammates to join your projects and streamline your translation process.

Computer Updated Microsoft .NET Framework Runtimes and SDKs: We believe in staying current with technology, and that's why we've updated our Microsoft .NET Framework runtimes and SDKs. This means better compatibility, improved performance, and access to the latest features.

Tools️ Additional Enhancements and Fixed Issues: In our commitment to delivering a top-notch user experience, we've implemented various enhancements and addressed reported issues. Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping these improvements.

For more details, you can follow below or open our Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 CU9 release notes at Changes introduced in Trados Groupshare 2020 SR1 CU9:

New and improved Dashboard and reporting interface

 We developed an improved Dashboard and Reporting interface that introduces the following enhancements:

  • Dashboard reports and charts sections are larger, so your project data is displayed more clearly.
  • Added search capability in the Dashboard reports to filter Projects Due Soon and Tasks Due Soon.
  • Removed Add Panel and Reset Dashboard options, while keeping the option to change the position of the reports and keeping the custom view when reopening the page. 
  • Improved performance when loading the Dashboard and the predefined reports.

Changes to the REST API


New endpoint to validate and change system metadata fields

A new endpoint has been added in TM Service that allows changing the system metadata fields in Translation Memories. This will allow users with administrative permissions to change or delete personal details, like names, from system and history fields in GroupShare TMs, e.g., to anonymize any PII (personally identifiable information).

Empty request bodies endpoint

We have made some changes to POST requests to TM-Service endpoints. Before, POST requests to TM-Service without a request body did not require a Content-Type header. Now, POST requests to TM-Service without a request body do require a Content-Type header (generally with value "application/json"). Known examples:

  • POST api/tmservice/tms/{tmid}/export
  • POST api/tmservice/tms/{tmid}/fuzzyindex/reindex
  • POST api/tmservice/tms/{tmid}/fuzzyindex/recomputestatistics

Changes in responses when retrieving resources that do not exist anymore

Starting with Trados GroupShare 2020 CU9, HTTP response status codes have been changed when interacting with non-existing TM resources. Users will now receive HTTP 404 (Not found) status code instead of HTTP 401 (Unauthorized) or HTTP 403 (Forbidden) status codes. 

The following endpoints are affected: 

  • HTTP GET api/tmservice/tms/{tmId} with an invalid "tmId", now returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden
  • HTTP GET api/tmservice/tms/{tmId}/language-directions/{languageDirectionId} with an invalid "tmId" or "languageDirectionId" now returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden
  • HTTP DELETE api/tmservice/tms/{tmId} with an invalid "tmId" now returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden
  • HTTP GET api/language-resource-service/templates/{templateId:guid} with an invalid "templateId", returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden
  • HTTP GET api/language-resource-service/templates/{templateId:guid} with an invalid "templateId", returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden
  • HTTP GET api/fieldservice/templates/{templateId} with an invalid "templateId", returns 404 Not Found instead of 403 Forbidden

TM-Service REST API documentation new location

Starting with Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 CU9, the TM-Service documentation can be accessed from the main Trados GroupShare REST API documentation (Swagger UI tool) page at https://<servername>/documentation/api/index.


New endpoints

Retrieve all project information

The new GetServerProjectInformation REST API retrieves all relevant information about a list of GroupShare projects and uses the following format: GET server/api/projectserver/v2/projects/publishingInformation?projectIds=projectId,projectId_1,projectId_2


Export reports to Excel

The new ExportExcel endpoint exports and downloads the available, predefined reports into Excel format, based on the specified filters. 

The new endpoint uses the following format: GET server/api/reports/exportExcel?OrganizationPath=/&ShowAll=true&publishStart=2022-12-01&publishEnd=2023-03-05&dueStart=2022-12-01&dueEnd=2023-03-05&status=15

Share project via direct link

You'll probably notice the new Share project icon next to each project title. This copies the direct project link to your clipboard, allowing you to share and open a specific project in your browser.

Support for PerfectMatch when updating existing projects

When uploading new files to existing projects, you can now also add .ZIP files that include PerfectMatch folders. Trados GroupShare will recognize any PerfectMatch files and apply them to the corresponding source files from the .ZIP.

To enable Trados GroupShare to map the PerfectMatch files correctly, make sure that your archives use the structure and file naming described in the Required folder hierarchy and naming for .ZIP archives topic.

Online Editor changes and improvements

Secure copy/paste from the Online Editor

The ability to copy and paste segment content in the Online Editor now only works in secure connection contexts and is only enabled when connected using a https connection.


Ability to paste text inside comments

Comments are no longer dismissed when clicking outside the selected box. This enables you to copy and paste text from segments that contain the currently marked text.

Restricted editing of segments over 2000 characters

Editing the target segments of source segments that contain more than 2.000 characters is no longer allowed. When opening such files, the Online Editor now shows a warning message and locks these segments. Previously, source segments were truncated at 2000 characters, and content was lost. 

Note: 2000 characters corresponds to over one page of content, which makes translation difficult. Generally, we recommend that you review your segmentation rules to avoid working with such long segments.

New filter option for verification errors

We have added a new filter in the Verification side panel that shows errors specific to the segment you are currently working on.

Additional tooltips displayed in the status bar

Hovering over the Restricted Editing text in the status bar now displays the following tooltip: 'Editor is in restricted editing mode and copy and cut functionality is disabled'.

Other tooltips providing more details are also available:

For Insert/Overwrite:

  • Text insert is active.
  • Text overwrite is active.

For Comments-Only:

  • Editor is in limited editing mode and only adding comments is allowed.


New smart actions

We’ve recently introduced Smart Actions into the Online Editor:

  • Added the ability to hide the smart actions menu using the Esc key.
  • Improved filtering to not search inside words while finding the correct boundary.
  • Smart actions will now be displayed when a segment is activated, or a certain condition is met (for example when a tag is deleted). If you start writing within the segment, then the smart actions menu will be automatically hidden.
  • The autoexpand function has been disabled by default. You must now manually expand it from the icon.
  • Fragment matches now have tooltips.
  • The footer no longer cuts off the menu.
  • The direction of placeables is now set to 'auto', in order to allow proper rendering in right-to-left languages.


General enhancements

  • Added support for sort order quickinsert.
  • Curly Apostrophe character now available in the 'Insert Characters' menu.


Updated Microsoft .NET Framework runtimes and SDKs

  • Starting with this CU9 release, GroupShare no longer requires the Microsoft .NET 5 runtime. The runtime deployed by previous GroupShare versions (CU08: "Microsoft .NET 5.0.17 - Windows Server Hosting", "Microsoft .NET Runtime 5.0.17 (x64/x86)" and "Microsoft ASP.NET Core 5.0.17 - Shared Framework (x64/86)") can be uninstalled unless used by any other application on the server.
  • Trados GroupShare 2020 CU09 now ships with "Microsoft .NET 6.0.16 - Windows Server Hosting". This replaces the "Microsoft .NET SDK 6.0.403 (x64)". The "Microsoft .NET SDK 6.0.403 (x64)" deployed by previous GroupShare versions can be uninstalled unless used by any other application on the server.


Retiring legacy Language Weaver URLs (CRQ-32486)

Since the 23rd of February, the Language Weaver Cloud service changed its access URLs.
The new access URLs are now used by default starting with this release, Trados GroupShare 2020 SR1 CU9.

For more information, please access the link:



  • The target languages in the Create Translation Memory and Edit Translation Memory window are now displayed only as flags. Language names are displayed only when hovering over the language flags, to ensure that you can use multiple target languages for the same source language. (CRQ-32443)
  • You can now use language codes to search for source and target languages in the Reporting tab filter. Similarly, the New Project Template window has been enhanced to enable you to use language codes also for the Target languages field. Previously, this was possible only for source languages.
  • We have changed the way the language options are displayed when exporting a translation memory. After selecting the Export option in the Translation Memories window, the language pairs available for the TM are no longer displayed as separate options, but as radio buttons inside a single submenu.
  • Security improvements. (Please refer the following issue IDs to Support for details: CRQ-32198, CRQ-32113, CRQ-32107, CRQ-32104, CRQ-29250, CRQ-29244, CRQ-29120, CRQ-22386, CRQ-14752 and CRQ-34575)
  • Performance improvements in the following areas:
    • Download native files
    • Download files    
    • Finalize files
    • Change project status
    • Detach project
    • Publishing events (Assignment, Check-in, Check-out, Phase change, Project created, etc.)
    • Requesting GroupShare project information from Trados Studio. (CRQ-31867)
  • To ensure that new organizations stand out even in long lists of organizations, newly created organizations are now automatically selected after creation.
    Similarly, when deleting an organization, the parent of the organization is now automatically selected to better show the context for your recent change. (LTGS-11411)


Fixed issues


  • When using the Language Weaver translation provider, the RequiresSecureProtocol setting is respected. This is a setting stored with the project template, which you can configure from Trados Studio. If the setting is set to false, Trados GroupShare will connect to the machine translation server using an HTTP connection. If set to true, an HTTPS connection will be required.
  • For server-based TMs, the Pre-Translate batch task would not apply available context matches on translation units with existing content in the target segment. This issue is now fixed. (CRQ-31167, CRQ-33362)
  • Fixed an issue where the Permissions tab took too long to respond or produced a timed-out trying to display usernames that started with a number. (CRQ-28322)
  • Filtering TMs by field name ID failed with a 'The TM may contain invalid Translation Units' error. The issue is now fixed. (CRQ-26275)
  • Fixed 'request is invalid' error that occurred when typing in the Organization search field under Resources > Termbases. (CRQ-24309)
  • TMs from exported project packages used different settings than the main TM used in the project. This caused errors when importing the return package. The issue is now fixed. (CRQ-32901)
  • Project TMs associated with detached projects can now be correctly deleted. (CRQ-24021)
  • Updated the GroupShare installer's behavior so it doesn't conflict with IIS Rewrite Module whenever IIS Rewrite Module 2.1 or any newer version is already installed. This would previously result in an error. (CRQ-23804)
  • Deleting organizations failed on environments with TM Server-only and MultiTerm Server. The issue is now fixed. (LTGS-11157)

MultiTerm Online 

  • Added missing HttpOnly flag to cookies used by MultiTerm Online. This was done using outbound rules in IIS, hence it applies to MultiTerm Online only if it's routed through IIS. Details on how to set this up are available on our Server security configuration recommendations page. (CRQ-29120)
  • When importing .ZIP files in MultiTerm Online that contained XML content for termbases, a "Zipping output data failed. Check paths and output data." error was thrown. The issue is now fixed. (CRQ-21834)
  • Fixed display issues with PickList values in MultiTerm Online termbases:
    • Multiple PickList values are now correctly displayed on separate rows. (CRQ-30860)
    • PickList values are now correctly displayed under the drop-down menu. (CRQ-30842)
  • MultiTerm Online failed to display multimedia fields when creating a termbase with multimedia objects. (CRQ-31195)
  • The global Show Edit buttons on the toolbar option in the Administration Overview would be automatically disabled when a user without the Edit Without Input Model permission would try to edit a termbase that used an input model. This option is now correctly disabled only for specific users who lack this permission. (CRQ-34236)
  • Projects with Memsource XLIFF files are now successfully created and published.
  • The REST API request API/projectserver/v2/projects/{projectId} now returns the correct OrganizationPath in the response.
  • Deleted users are now correctly removed from current assignments.

Online Editor

  • Fixed issue that occurred when using Look-up in segments with track changes. (CRQ-32316)
  • The "CTRL +" shortcut in the Online Editor would only insert Do Not Translate tags when the source segments included such tags. The issue is now fixed. (CRQ-31393)
  • Fixed an issue with adding or editing emojis in target segments failing with different errors. (LTGS-9828)
  • Fixed Verify Segment issue that occurred on Spanish and German OS. (LTGS-10513)
  • Accepting or Rejecting parts of a revision affected the entire revision. This issue is now fixed. (CRQ-29389)
  • The System value in the translation details would incorrectly display "SDL GroupShare ETS TranslationProvider" instead of "Language Weaver Edge", and "SDL MT Cloud Translation" instead of "Language Weaver Cloud". These issues are is now fixed. (LTGS-11380, LTGS-11297)
  • Confirming segments with Batch Tasks > Update Translation Memory set to Approved Translation and Approved Signed-Off now correctly save translation units in the TM. (CRQ-30905)
  • Text in comments can now be successfully edited or deleted in the Linguistic Review step when TQA is enabled. (LCC-14797)
  • The Segments with comments filter now works as expected. (CRQ-32330)
  • Comments now correctly use the location type "Segment" when a range comment encloses the entire segment content. (LCC-14733)
  • The Navigation panel would sometimes keep search results from previous searches. This issue is now fixed. (LCC-12890)
  • TQA score is now correctly displayed, corresponding with the Category and Severity selected in the Quality Assessment panel. (LCC-14526)
  • Username in the Comments panel is now displayed as expected. (LCC-14807)
  • Fragment matches results are now correctly highlighted in source segments. (LCC-9329)
  • Words defined as Wrong Form in Word list settings are now correctly indicated in the Messages window with Error or Warning icons. (CRQ-28858)
  • Fixed 'Invalid segment' error in the Navigation that would sometimes occur when using filters. (CRQ-32863)
  • Editor Service is no longer recognizing two documents as one single document when two different users are working on documents with different target languages. (CRQ-31735)


Known issues

  • Support for SQL Server aliases might break after upgrading to GS 2020 CU9. This is due to migrating several services to .NET 6.
  • The Translation Model Container database cannot be created when using SQL user for the connection between GroupShare and SQL server. Since we don't recommend using SQL authentication for security reasons, there are no plans to address this in a future release. For more information, see Server security configuration recommendations. (CRQ-30640)
  • When a language pair is added to an existing GroupShare project from Studio, no project files are added for the new languages. This will be addressed with the next Trados Studio update. (LTGS-11782)
  • Finalized files are sometimes excluded from the Tasks report. (LTGS-11763)
  • Users in sub-organizations can see the root organization name of the project location. (LTGS-11786)
  • Adding "yyyy" as a Dates & Times pattern to a new Language Resource rule fails with an "invalid language resource data for type DateTimeRecognizer" error message.  (LTGS-11472)
  • MultiTerm Online: Opening termbases created with specific definition files fails with a "NullPointerException" error message. (LTGS-11775)
  • When adding only emojis to at least one segment, a 'Segment number {segmentNo} with empty target cannot be saved in the Translation Memory.' error is thrown and the segment is not saved in the Translation Memory. (LTGS-11787)


Third-party components

With this release, we have removed the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008, 2010, and 2013 Redistributable components from the list of GroupShare's dependencies (CRQ-34068). Here's the updated list:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable x86/x64
  • rabbitmq-server-3.11.16
  • otp_win64_25.3.2
  • chef-client-13.2.20-1-x64
  • Microsoft® OLE DB Driver 18 for SQL Server
  • URL Rewrite 2.1
  • IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) 3
  • .NET Hosting 6.0.16
  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • OpenJDK8U-jre_x64_windows_hotspot_8u372b07
  • RaptorDBConverter 1.2
  • Microsoft SQLSysCLRTypes for SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server Native Client for SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server Shared Management Objects for SQL 2012

We're incredibly grateful for your continued support and feedback, which drives us to keep refining and expanding our product. These updates are designed to enhance your productivity, streamline your workflow, and make localization a breeze.

As always, our dedicated support team is here to assist you with any queries or feedback you may have. Feel free to reach out to us at RWS Support Gateway.

Thank you for choosing our product. We can't wait for you to explore these new features and take your localization efforts to new heights!

Best regards,

The Trados Product Management Team