Elevate Your GroupShare Game: Introducing our "Trados GroupShare - Power Users" Course!

Elevate Your GroupShare Game: Introducing our "Trados GroupShare - Power Users" Course!

RocketAre you ready to unlock the full potential of Trados GroupShare? We are excited to launch our brand-new eLearning course: "Trados GroupShare Power Users". Designed specifically for Project Managers, Translators, and Reviewers, this course is your golden ticket to mastering GroupShare and elevating your translation management processes. Muscle

Who Is This Course For? Dart 

"Trados GroupShare Power Users" is tailor-made for professionals already familiar with the basics of CAT tools and Trados Studio. If you're stepping into the role of a Power User within Trados GroupShare, this course is designed to equip you with the advanced skills you need to thrive. Star2

Course Insights Books

Dive deep into the functionalities and capabilities of Trados GroupShare through this comprehensive course, which covers:

  • Initial Login: Kickstart your journey by learning the ins and outs of securely logging into GroupShare.
  • GroupShare Navigation and User Creation: Become proficient in navigating the GroupShare environment and setting up new users, streamlining collaboration across your team.
  • Resource Migration: Gain expertise in migrating resources from Trados Studio to GroupShare, ensuring a seamless integration of tools.
  • Trados Studio Complementation: Discover how GroupShare can enhance and complement your Trados Studio experience, unlocking new efficiencies.
  • Project Management with Project Server: Master the art of creating and managing projects using Project Server, elevating your project management skills to new heights. 

Why Enroll? Star2 

Becoming a Power User in Trados GroupShare means you're at the forefront of translation project management. This course empowers you to:

  • Optimize Collaboration: Streamline workflows and improve collaboration among project managers, translators, and reviewers.
  • Enhance Efficiency: Leverage GroupShare's advanced features to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your translation projects.
  • Deepen Integration: Understand the deep integration possibilities between GroupShare and Trados Studio, creating a more cohesive and powerful translation toolkit. Link

Ready to Become a Power User? Briefcase 

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in Trados GroupShare. Enroll in the "Trados GroupShare Power Users" course today and take your translation project management to new heights of expertise and efficiency. Rocket 

Link Click here to learn more and start your Power User journey! Link

Join us on this advanced learning journey and transform the way you manage translation projects with Trados GroupShare. Embrace the role of a Power User and lead your team to translation excellence! Star2