Matching-issues translating Passolo Files via Trados Studio

Hello community, encountered the following issue while translating Passolo-Files with the Trados Studio-Add in:

Although certain strings are present in Studio, Passolo won't recognize them as 100%-Matches.

All these affected strings exhibit the html/xml entities Double Quotes (") and Apostrophes ('). They show up only as 99%-Matches in the Concordance search, even though they're identical.

The TM was created from a legacy Trados TMW, I suspect encoding issues, fuzzy-searching the TM trough Passolo introduces the entity (&) in the matches that shouldn't be there and is nowhere to be found in the Studio tm.

Anyone got an idea on how to resolve this issue? 

Screenshot 1:
Concordance search in Passolo produces 99%-Match when it should be 100%:

Screenshot 2:
The segment in Trados Studio

Screenshot 3:
Fuzzy-search in Passolo with odd & entity encoded

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