MT Enhanced Plugin: unauthorized error

Dear staff

MT Enhanced Plugin always throws the following error after working for less than 10 segments:

"An error has occurred while using the translation provider MT Enhanced using Microsof Translator: The request is not authorized because credentials are missing or invalid."

But if I open the project setting and close it without doing anything and back to the editor, the plugin can resume working.

Can you take a look into the problem?


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  • Hi Lydia


    The latest update seems works well when it does. Now the problem is (as least on my side) the new app is not able to save "Region" setting. If I close and reopen the Studio and open a project, it always throw an error: "The translation provider ‘Microsoft Translator Provider’ could not be opened and has been disabled."  And in this case, I could not click the app "Microsoft Translator Provider" under "Translation memory and auto translation" to fill in the "region" setting. I have to remove the provider first and then add it again, and set the right region. 

    Do someone else have the same problem?