Apply TM Template: import and 2 other issues


I just wanted to update my template but stumbled upon various issues:

1) In Trados Studio > Translation Memory view, if you right click Language Resource Templates in the top left window and select Open Language Resource Template, the selection filter in the opening window is not correctly set as it only allows to browse for sqltm files instead of sdltm.resource files. If you click open button and the select Open Language Resource Template, the filter is correctly set.

2) In window Apply TM Template, the open file window does NOT save last used folder which is quite annoying as I first want to open a template (Choose a template) and then import from (Import from Excel to template) or export to (Export to Excel) an Excel file but I have to go find the correct folder for each single step instead of the app remembering the last opened folder (this is just a minor change in code which should be standard to be applied when programming).

3) In window Apply TM Template, I can open an existing template but if I then select import from Excel then the opened template is NOT updated with the correct data. It still contains the old data. (e.g. I deleted some variables but they still show in the opened template after the import)

Why can't I update the template from Excel anymore?

Edit: I just tried to import on a newly created template. The new template remains empty so no content from the Excel is added



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  • Hi ,

    sorry for the late reply but I didn’t have time to check this earlier.

    I’m using Trados Studio 2022 professional with the latest official updates installed and am using the latest version of the plugin (

    I have an Excel file with exported resources for various languages and I want that one to be applied to a template in Trados (Import from Excel to template). With that template I then would like to update all my TMs with the latest settings. (variables, abbreviations, Times, numbers, aso.)

    BTW: why are those exported resources Excel files locked? Why don't you allow users to edit them as this is way easier and faster for adding e.g. variables (copy paste to all language tabs and Import from Excel to template instead of import a txt file manually for each language?

    Best regards,


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